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Sharon Smith, Director

Sharon Smith, Director

The HEAT Service will make every effort to ensure that the information contained on this website is fair and accurate at the time of publication. The HEAT Service will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver resources in accordance with those publicity materials.

However, the HEAT Service is primarily funded through membership subscription which therefore must be managed in a way which is efficient and cost effective. The HEAT Service also collaborates closely with various external agencies (such as the Office for Students, the Higher Education Statistics Agency and the Department for Education) and must ensure that our website content meets the standards of quality assurance and security demanded by these professional bodies where relevant.

The HEAT Service reserves the right to make changes to the content of this website – including changing dates of events, replacing/removing resources and altering publicity – if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary.

The HEAT Service will do all that it reasonably can to provide the services and resources as described in our publicity materials. Sometimes circumstances beyond the control of the HEAT Service may mean that it cannot provide such services. Examples of such circumstances include:

  • Industrial action by our host university staff or third parties
  • The unanticipated departure of key members of HEAT Service staff
  • Power failure
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Damage to buildings or equipment
  • The acts of any governmental or local authority
  • Where the numbers booked onto an event are so low that delivery is not viable

In these circumstances, the HEAT Service will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to those services and to affected HEAT members to the full extent that is possible under the general law, which excludes liability for any loss and/or damage suffered by HEAT members as a result of those circumstances.

Any complaints concerning the accuracy of the HEAT publicity materials on this website should be addressed in writing to HEAT Support, who will investigate the matter and reply in writing within 21 days of receiving the letter.

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