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This section provides a list of questions frequently asked by non-members concerning the HEAT Service. Click the + sign to the right of any title for a brief answer to that question.

Is HEAT open to only English universities?

The HEAT Service is now open to non-English universities. The aim is to offer an equal data service to non-English universities - but this will require negotiating access to administrative datasets in devolved governments (which is an ongoing process). We encourage any non-English universities interested in joining HEAT to make contact so that you can be updated on these negotiations.

Is HEAT only open to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)?

No. HEAT is also open to other organisations that deliver outreach and related programmes to students. However, decisions regarding non-university membership are taken on a case-by-case basis, so we ask such organisations to make contact with the HEAT Service in the first instance to discuss the application procedure.

How many users can access the HEAT database within each member organisation?

For each member organisation, there is no cap imposed on the number of users that can be registered to access the database, nor how many users can be logged in simultaneously.

Does the HEAT Service provide training for new members?

Yes. HEAT delivers set-up training to top-level users for all new member organisations, which is then cascaded via these Coordinators and Leads to additional users within the group. Following set up, ongoing training is supported by a comprehensive suite of downloadable user guides, streaming videos, information webinars, remote online training sessions and a ticket-based Helpdesk. Face-to-face support can also be provided on request (but there may be a cost for this).

What ongoing support is provided to HEAT members?

The HEAT Helpdesk is a ticket-based email support service operating between 9am to 5pm, five days a week, allowing members to email queries, report problems and ask for assistance. HEAT also has two members of staff in the field who are able to help with more in-depth enquiries.

Can I subscribe to HEAT just for the tracking element of the service?

Although HEAT subscription includes tracking, this is not the only component offered by the Service (see HEAT Service and HEAT Database sections for further details). HEAT members have developed a system which not only underpins tracking but also encompasses a wide range of other features and tools to help providers delivering access and student-success initiatives. In order for HEAT to continuously improve and evolve, it needs input from its members who own the Service collectively. This is why, currently, HEAT does not offer a differentiated service nor offer part of the Service at a different subscription level.