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We are interested in joining HEAT, what do we need to know?

HEAT are opening up their doors to new subscribers. You will find it useful to browse the content of this web-site but we advise that you start with the FAQ section below where we set out some important information for prospective members.

Being part of the collective

HEAT is a membership organisation – it is paid for and directed by the collective of subscribers, who make decisions about the Service offer. Not only do we ask that you buy into the membership through subscription, but also the concept of contributing to the development of HEAT. For that reason, we require prospective members to complete a quick survey explaining why they would like to join.

Allowing your data and results to count nationally

Subscribers to HEAT receive the tracking results for their outreach participants but their data is also added to the aggregate member dataset which provides a powerful, rich set for interrogation. These results are shared with all members who benefit from the rigor of analysis undertaken with a significantly larger dataset where we are normally able to break down cohorts into a variety of intersections and provide important context to the results. The resulting aggregate reports are also shared publically and circulated to colleagues in the Office of Students and the Department of Education.


For further information, please visit our Research and Evidence page.

Having internal resource to lead your use of HEAT

You need resource in your organisation to optimise your use of HEAT. You will need staff resource to lead on your organisation’s use of HEAT: to configure the system, manage users, undertake internal training, populate the system with data, attend working groups (optional but recommended), run reports, receive and circulate information to your wider team and contribute feedback to any development in the pipeline.

Getting the most from the Service

Many members use HEAT to access tracking data for their outreach cohort, which is undoubtedly a significant benefit of the subscription, but there are numerous other outputs and features that may add value to your organisation. There is a direct correlation between the staff resource you allocate to HEAT and the added value you get from it.


We operate on an equal pay, equal say basis. Subscribers are paying the same subscription regardless of size or engagement in the Service. If you are joining HEAT purely for the tracking results, you need to think about whether you are getting a good return on your subscription. We know from experience, that members who engage fully with HEAT are getting better value for money.

Getting ready

Having browsed this website you may want to email our Support team and ask for a Prospective Member Information Pack, which will include further information to share with colleagues and help you make a decision.  It includes details on the Subscription Fee, the Legal Agreement with HEAT and information on Data Protection and Data Sharing. You will then be added to our prospective member mailing list to receive useful updates targeted at prospective members.


Prospective members can also request an informal chat with the HEAT Director to help with the decision-making process.


Once you are fairly sure you would like to join us, we will ask you to complete the prospective member survey, explaining your reasons for joining HEAT, which is put forward to a panel of members. They will consider if your organisation is a good fit for HEAT within 21 days of receipt.

Service Presentation

What next?

Email our Support Team for a Prospective Member Information Pack, for the link to the Prospective Member Survey or to request an informal chat with the HEAT Director.