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Photo of Sharon Smith, Director

Sharon Smith, Director

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 (the UK implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation), the HEAT Service at the University of Kent has a legal duty to safeguard personal data collected and processed for the legitimate purposes of the HEAT Service. The University of Kent is registered on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Data Protection Register (Number Z6847902), and both the University of Kent and HEAT comply with all UK data protection legislation. This includes lawful responsibilities in respect to the rights, freedoms and privacy of those individuals whose data we hold and process on behalf of the HEAT Service members.

Data privacy for outreach participants

The HEAT Service is used by its members to track (and therefore evaluate) ‘outreach’ activities that are designed to encourage students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds into higher education. If you are a participant in these education outreach activities, it is important that you understand what personal information about you is being recorded on the HEAT system, why it is needed and how long it will be stored for. Please read our Data privacy information for participants in education outreach activities webpage for full details.

Data privacy for HEAT members

In addition to storing student data, the HEAT database also holds essential information on its members to ensure security and provide appropriate support. All HEAT members should be fully aware of the organisational, technological, operational and good-practice measures that are embedded into every aspect of the HEAT Service. Please read our Data privacy information for HEAT members webpage for full details.

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