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Tracking, Reporting and Collaborative Projects

Research and evaluation is at the heart of the HEAT Service and we regularly publish reports, for both our members and the public, based on our members’ dataset of outreach participants. HEAT Subscribers can view the HEAT Service Schedule in the member’s area.

We work with external agencies to match this dataset with educational outcome data. This matching allows us to gain insight into the student lifecycle, from pre-16 attainment through to graduation and employment.

The HEAT Tracking Jigsaw below shows the national educational datasets into which HEAT track outreach participants recorded on the database. HEAT members receive data and reporting based on their outreach participants for the following stages of tracking.

The first stage of tracking provides the Key Stage 4 (GCSE) exam attainment of participants who engaged in outreach before taking their exams. To comply with Department for Education (DfE) data sharing rules, members’ results are aggregated to activity-level and shared in Report 1, a Power BI dashboard. The second stage of tracking examines the Key Stage 5 (A-level and equivalent) exam attainment of outreach participants who received outreach in the two years leading up to their exams. Members’ results are aggregated to activity-level and shared in Report 2, a second Power BI dashboard.

The third stage of tracking examines entry into higher education (HE) through HESA. As part of this stage of tracking, HEAT members are able to access student-level data detailing each students’ HE progression status, including the institution and course to which participants have progressed. HESA data also provide information on continuation and attainment in HE, as well and progression to postgraduate studies and employment through the Graduate Outcomes Survey. All data are passed to members at identifiable student-level and visualised in a third Power BI dashboard as part of Report 3.

The final stage of the HEAT Track is to access a dataset linking all three stages of the tracking journey – from Key Stages 4 and 5 attainment to HE progression. This will allow examination of HE progression contextualised with prior attainment. As this dataset includes data from the DfE, members’ results must first be aggregated to activity-level by HEAT, before dissemination.

Tracking Jigsaw

You can find links to our ongoing projects as well as links to our Annual and Thematic reports below:

  • Current Projects – HEAT is always working on a number of projects over and above its membership offer, finding new ways to work with sector partners and to combine HEAT’s data with other data sources to add value
  • Annual Track Reports – We regularly publish annual reports for members and the public which examine the impact of outreach on participants’ educational outcomes from KS4 through to employment
  • Thematic Reports – These reports explore trends in outreach participation under a specific ‘lens’ – for instance outreach participation analysed for ‘Rural and Coastal’ areas
Banner Image courtesy of the University of Kent