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Role / Purpose

The purpose of the HEAT Steering Group is to provide an oversight of the collaborative service outcomes through a bi-annual review of the HEAT service plan. Through its membership the group will monitor service outputs and ensure that members are satisfied that the objectives of HEAT are being met.



  • To provide strategic advice to the HEAT Central Team on longer term development and sustainability of the HEAT service
  • To receive and review information and examples of service outputs e.g. datasets and evidence and to ensure that this information is appropriate
  • To provide advice on future planning of the HEAT service
  • To review the HEAT budget and advise on budget spend
  • To review policy and receive updates from other partners such as OfS and DfE to ensure that the HEAT service remains fit for purpose
  • To ensure that HEAT positions itself and its outputs appropriately in relation to sector and government changes.


Self-nomination for membership will take place every two years, limited to 25 attendees plus HEAT Central Team representatives. In the event of more than 25 nominations members will be decided by randomised selection. Nominees not selected in the lottery will be held on a reserve list.  If an elected member leaves the Steering Group their institution will be asked to nominate a replacement for the remainder of the 2 year term of office.  If the incumbent institution does not wish to take up the place a randomised selection will be made from the reserve list.  Representation on the Steering Group is by institution and does not follow individuals.


In addition, the group will invite the following organisations to be in regular attendance (though without voting or decision making rights:

  • A representative from Office for Students
  • A representative from the Department for Education (Data)

The group may invite other representatives to attend meetings when their expertise, input or judgement is required.



Formal meetings will take place twice a year in (approximately) December and July.  For a meeting to be deemed quorate and agree decisions at least 1 more than fifty percent of representatives must be present (excluding the HEAT Central Team).


Amendments, modifications and Variation

The Terms of Reference may be amended, modified or varied in writing following consultation and agreement by all HEAT members, and ratification by the Governance Board.