Image courtesy of the University of Kent

To join a web conferencing session and interact fully, you will need an internet-connected PC or Mac running a browser with the latest version of Flash enabled or a mobile device using the ClickMeeting app. Please note: Click Meeting software works at its best using Google Chrome.

To join a session

  • Attach your microphone and speakers (USB headset strongly recommended)
  • Click the joining link sent via email
  • Enter your full name and email address. Full name is preferable in case there are other attendees with the same name. Adding your organisation in brackets into the last name field also helps for larger meetings or if minutes are taken.
  • If you are prompted to enable Adobe Flash Player, click Allow (you may need to re-enter your name and email address a second time)
  • You will be held in a ‘lobby’ until the Presenter(s) are ready to start the meeting
  • When you first enter the meeting room, your microphone and camera will not be enabled so you will initially have to use the Chat Panel to communicate

During the session

  • The AV Pod is where you control your interaction with the meeting, including enabling your microphone.
  • Please ensure you are in a quiet space or use a headset. Background noise affects all attendees and may mean that you cannot interact as you would like.
  • Panel members will not be asked to use webcams. Therefore, you will need to disable the webcam option. You can do this by ensuring the video icon is turned off.
  • For group meetings, you are not required to have a microphone. There will be a chat thread available to put forward any questions. On these occasions, The HEAT Team will keep an eye on the chat thread, ensuring that unanswered questions are pinned for the presenter’s attention.
  • For one-to-one sessions, a microphone is recommended although if this is not possible you will be able to dial in using a landline/mobile phone. Please contact your Presenter in advance to discuss this further.
  • If you do have a microphone, there will be opportunities to speak within the Q&A sessions. Unless it is your turn to speak, please ensure your microphone is off.
  • If you unexpectedly drop out of the meeting, you can re-enter at any time using the link provided in this email.
  • There may be occasions where we use polls and other features within the meeting. We will endeavour to guide you through this process. If you get lost at any point, please let us know in the chat.