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Important update on recent database developments

There was a flurry of activity in terms of major database developments leading up to Christmas as well as several important tweaks, enhancements and imminent features that we would like to bring to the attention of the HEAT membership.

File Store, Session and Survey Tool feedback

Thank you to all who have fed back on these new features thus far. We will review all your comments during March and pencil in all agreed improvements thereafter. If you are yet to look at these tools, please do so and get in touch with your Hub Officer or HEAT Support if there’s anything you need to know. Detailed below are some of the new features that went live in December and the beginning of January.

Named Delivery Partner unticked

Previously, when naming a Delivery Partner on an Activity record, View Activity was ticked by default, allowing all partners to automatically see the record. As requested, this field is now unticked by default, allowing you to select whether your partner should see this record in their HEAT area.

Removal of List of Beneficiaries CSV from the Activity export

Unfortunately, we have had to remove the List of Beneficiaries CSV field from the Activity export. We have been forced to do this because some Activity records were exceeding Excel’s single-cell 32,000 character limit, causing the export to fail. The Activity export has a count of beneficiaries and individual beneficiary institution data can still be obtained from the Activity export’s Includes Beneficiaries option.

Student qualifications new GCSE grading system

The Student Record > Studies tab now allows the inclusion of 1-9 as GCSE grades. These new grades are acceptable via import.

Contact Hours being required per Activity

As you may be aware, Activity Contact Hours is a required field for all records for 2017/18 onwards as of 24th January 2018. As a rule of thumb, you now need to enter Activity Start and End times or untick the Auto Calculate Contact Hours field and input a number into the Contact Hours field.

SAP fake accounts

To all our members that use the Student Ambassador Portal (SAP), we will be creating a fake application/portal account for each of your organisations. This will look like a fake application which we will approve centrally. We will keep this account active to allow HEAT Support to check and troubleshoot any ambassador enquiries that you report.

Looking forward

Over the next two weeks, we will be finalising the new Delivery Report and preparing to release the Online Event Programme (OEP). Both are scheduled to go live on 1st February 2018 and we will ensure that the guides are ready and i buttons populated.


We plan to implement a purging system based upon numbers of days and suggest the following to begin with:

  • All successfully completed exports and reports will be deleted after 30 days
  • All incomplete tasks, including imports that have not finished validation, will be deleted after 60 days
  • All successfully completed imports will be deleted after 120 days

Please let us know if you feel the number of days should be adjusted for any of the above. We are planning to implement this purging system during the week commencing 12th February 2018. The reason for the 120 days limit on successful imports is that we’re still tracking and tracing old issues.

Task-priority system and max records for imports and reports

We are gradually implementing an import/export/report queuing system. Our reason for this is that resource-intensive tasks (such as mass student importing) are causing serious hold-ups resulting in other members having to wait quite some time for smaller jobs.

We have implemented a priority system and are now looking to limit the number of records per import/report. We propose to limit imports to 25,000 records and report inputs (such as the Postcode Profiler) to 250,000 records. We will send out full details prior to implementation.

Registration Tool delay

We have a Registration Tool add-on feature currently being created by a third-party development team which we had hoped to pilot on 1st February 2018. We have completed phase one testing and feedback which, unfortunately, cannot be actioned by the team until February. Therefore, we will have to postpone our pilot release. As soon as we have a better idea of when we can showcase this feature, we will let you know.