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HEAT releases thematic paper on SE coverage

HEAT is pleased to release to members a thematic paper on the coverage of pre-16 outreach delivery in the South East of England. Its origin stemmed from a meeting between HEAT and the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) in which the SMC wanted to know what percentage of secondary-school-age pupils in England receive outreach.

The thematic paper – entitled Coverage Thematic Paper South East 2017 and downloadable from the HEAT database File Store – reveals that outreach was delivered by HEAT members to almost all schools across the South East in the 2014/15 to 2015/16 time period and that most schools received 11 or more activities. 38% of schools worked with 5 or more HEAT HEIs. Although coverage was almost universal, it was nevertheless targeted. 60% of those schools with low school-average KS4 achievement received 20 or more outreach activities across the time period.

Currently the data in the thematic paper only cover schools in the South East. The HEAT Service deliberately limited itself to this region initially as it has the most confidence about recorded levels of outreach there. The South East has many longstanding HEAT members and almost all the HEIs in the region are now members of HEAT. As the HEAT membership matures – along with its data – it will be possible to extend the reach of this thematic paper into additional geographical areas in the not-too-distant future.