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Online registration – your chance to vote

We have often heard HEAT members express the wish for an online register to collect attendance electronically at outreach activities, thus alleviating the administration associated with paper registers. We appreciate that such a tool may not be appropriate to all our members for a number of reasons and would therefore appreciate your feedback on the value of online registration for the collective membership.

To this end, we are in the process of contacting HEAT database Leads and Coordinators (formerly Subscriber Administrators), inviting them to participate in a vote on this issue (only one vote per member institution). We have contacted a local supplier with an initial specification and they have estimated the cost to be in the region of £15,000. We will look to see if we can pay for this through subscription or share the cost across members who want to use it (in addition to subscription).

We recognise that any online registration tool needs to have an offline function that is safe and secure, allowing data to be uploaded to the HEAT database when a connection is possible. Some more refinements are needed, especially with offline functionality, but we hope that the details contained in the proposal being sent to your Leads and Coordinators will provide sufficient information to help us make a collective decision about whether the HEAT membership would get a return on investment from such an online registration tool. Please contact your HEAT Lead or Coordinator for further details.