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HEAT Helpdesk is now open for business

The HEAT Central Team is delighted to announce the formal launch of its brand new HEAT Helpdesk. Based on Freshdesk’s Helpdesk software, this new system will increase the speed and efficiency of advice, guidance and problem resolution provided to our subscribers by our HEAT Support Officers (Bella Brobbey and Sandeep Sharma).

Using a ticketing system to track all support requests – whether via email, telephone call or face-to-face – the new HEAT Helpdesk system will ensure that appropriate assistance is provided in the most efficient and friendly way with the minimum of delays.

As of today, all emails sent to the  support@heat.ac.uk address will now automatically generate a support ticket plus email confirmation that your request has been received and is being dealt with.

You can also contact the HEAT Helpdesk by telephone using the following number:

Helpdesk Tel No: 01227 816195

Further information and guidance on getting the best out of HEAT’s new support arrangements can be found on the HEAT Support webpage.

HEAT Support webpage: http://heat.wpengine.com/support

This page will be developed over the coming months to include links to FAQs, a Solutions Knowledge Base, What’s New in HEAT, User Guides and a Portal to create Helpdesk tickets directly. A link to this page can be found on the Help page within the HEAT1 database and the Support menu on the left-hand side of all HEAT2 screens.