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Request for input to new WP guidance commissioned by OFFA

Researchers from the Universities of Warwick and York have been commissioned by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) and the Sutton Trust to produce guidance for institutions on how to evaluate outreach initiatives targeted at young people who are either from disadvantaged backgrounds or first in their family to go to university (link to OFFA project webpage).

To ensure the guidance produced is suitable for all institutions, the researchers are undertaking a scoping exercise designed to elicit some information on:

  • Types of outreach activities used by institutions
  • The extent to which institutions evaluate the activities they offer
  • Types of data institutions collect/use to inform these evaluations
  • The skills and experience of those expected to evaluate outreach activities

As part of this scoping exercise readers are being asked to spend just 15-20 minutes completing a short online questionnaire by Friday 11th November 2016 (link to survey). All responses to the questionnaire will be treated as anonymous. The survey is designed to provide an overview of these issues across the sector, so no individuals or institutions will be identified in any reporting of the results; and institution-level responses will not be shared with OFFA.

For further information about the questionnaire or the project more generally, please contact the lead researcher, Claire Crawford (c.l.crawford@warwick.ac.uk) or the project administrator, Siobhan Dytham (s.dytham@warwick.ac.uk).