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New helpdesk to provide a fresh start to HEAT support

At the end of November, the HEAT Central Team will be announcing the formal launch of its brand new HEAT Helpdesk. Based on Freshdesk’s Helpdesk software, this new system will increase the speed and efficiency that our newly appointed HEAT Support Officers (see New additions to the HEAT Central Team news story for more details) and the rest of the HEAT Central Team provides all the advice, guidance and resolution of problems required by all our HEAT subscribers.

Using a ticketing system to track all support requests – whether via email, telephone call or face-to-face – the new HEAT Helpdesk system will ensure that appropriate assistance is provided in the most efficient and friendly way with the minimum of delays.

Full details – including the HEAT Helpdesk email address – will be published and disseminated to all our users at the end of November.