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NCOP data ward name confusion resolved

There has been some confusion over some of the ward names used on the NCOP data recently uploaded to the JiscMail Files Area. The HEAT Central Team has now established that the HEFCE NCOP target ward list uses ward geography from 2001 (Casward 2001); whereas HEAT uses 2011 geography (latest census). Some of the ward names changed between the two censuses although the ward codes remain the same.

To help subscribers to be confident that they have the right ward, we have made sure that both 2001 and 2011 ward names are now included in a refreshed set uploaded to the JiscMail Files Area. This is the only change to this set and users can still search using the 2001 Casward code and name used by HEFCE (direct link to Files Area folder provided you are logged into JiscMail).

Also be aware that, in the Postcode Profiler data used for the HEAT database, we will continue to use Casward 2011 data. However, we will find a way to flag students that are living in an NCOP ward once we have a final list of all the NCOP target wards. As always, please contact support@heat.ac.uk if you have any queries.