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HEAT2 goes live


The long awaited move from HEAT1 to HEAT2 is finally beginning. This is the culmination of two and a half years of planning and development, with the Central Team working directly with experienced HEAT users to enhance and extend functionality and improve the user experience. This process will continue into Spring 2017 when the Ambassador Portal will be made available to all HEAT members.

Many members have already made the move to using HEAT2. Feedback has been excellent, generating invaluable input to help identify issues and test solutions. We expect that all members will be working in HEAT2 before February 2017.

Huge thanks must go to the HEAT Technical Team – Joe Blumenow and Rachel Thompson – as well as Hub Officers Lucy Bailey, Catherine Kelly and Rob Young for all their hard work and dogged determination in getting us all to this point. It shows that collaboration, on a grand scale can happen successfully.