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Access to admissions data via the ADRN

In a letter recently sent out to university Vice-Chancellors, Mary Curnock Cook (OBE), Chief Executive of UCAS, announced the transfer of a comprehensive set of named individual-level admissions data to the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex for access by academic researchers via the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN).

Approximately 35 million data items from 2007 to 2015 have been transferred, covering 4.8 million applicants, which will be updated annually. This will enable researchers to access and link individual-level data in safe, secure and appropriately controlled environments to support research into progression and access to higher education.

In the letter, Mary Curnock Cook stated: “Making these data available for the research community complements our other activities to inform the policy and public debate on access and social mobility through the publication of analysis and provision of aggregated data in an open format.” She went on to say that the UCAS 2016 End of Cycle Report will be published on 15th December this year, with a wealth of data resources to follow in December and January.

In addition, UCAS is collaborating with HESA to offer higher education providers the opportunity to extend the equalities data published by UCAS on HESA’s behalf to include progression rate alongside application offer and acceptances rates by gender, ethnicity and area-background. UCAS expects to publish this in early 2017.